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August 21st, 2014

National Moment Of Silence For Victims?

Lillie Howard
As I sat watching the video showing the dead body of Michael Brown lying on the ground in Ferguson County, Missouri my heart felt very heavy. Watching his father trying to get to his son’s body but being stopped by the police from doing so was overwhelming to my eyes. Then hearing his mother screaming and also not being able to get to her son instilled additional pain in my heart. How can we as a people continue to remain silent? What is it going to take to wake us up to realizing that our Black males are an endangered species in America. How long are we just going to remain silent and pretend that things will get better. They won’t get better until an organized movement is put in place to start seriously addressing this problem and moving towards making it better. When an incident such as this happens people get excited for the moment but then business continues on as usual. There are no more Dr. Kings, nor Malcolm X’s on the scene and that’s a fact.

What happened to the energy that was displayed in the early 60’s re: racism and police brutality? What happened is that a lot of so-called leaders have sold out. It’s all about the love of money but I also believe that it’s about the fear of losing one’s life because a very loud and clear message was sent when Malcolm X, Dr. King, Medgar Evers, President Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy were murdered.

This country is heading towards a big explosion and they are preparing for it. Many are concerned with the militarized police forces throughout this country. Citizens cannot rally against the ills of this country without being faced with the possibility of their lives being snatched from them by the force of militarized police.

How long is there going to be silence re: poverty in this country? How long is there going to be silence re: Black student’s high drop out rate in this country? How long is there going to be silence re: the high incarceration rates of Black men in this country? Why are millions of dollars being spent to militarize this nation’s police forces?

How soon we have forgotten September 15, 1963 when a bomb killed four young girls and injured other worshippers  at the Sixteenth Street Baptist church in Birmingham, Alabama. How soon we have forgotten “Bloody Sunday” March 7, 1965 when marchers that were demanding voting rights for blacks were attacked outside Selma, Alabama and chased into a housing project where residents were also beaten. How soon we have forgotten August 28, 1963  when more than 200,000 participated in the March on Washington and heard Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. We’re still dreaming and his dream still has not become our reality.

The U.S. white supremacy system works overtime to disrupt Black families and neutralize Black men. How! 1) Drive Black men out of the economic sector, thereby making it impossible for them to take care of themselves and their families in “the American way.” 2) Use the prison system as a breeding ground for hard, non-political Black men who, for the most part, will return and prey on their own communities. 3) Supply Black men with unlimited options (incorrectly defined as freedoms) such as drugs, night life, alcohol, and unrestricted sex. The use of drugs and other stimulants has seriously affected the Black community in a destructive manner. 4) Drive African American men crazy so that they turn against themselves and the Black community.

This is Lillie’s Point of View and I’m just having my say!

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