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August 13th, 2014

“ When Is The Change Finally Going to Come?”

Lillie Howard

Upon going online this morning and viewing the AlterNet Rights website my stomach was in knots after viewing the headlines on their website on, August 7th. My heart was overwhelmed because my mind went back to my friend Sam Cook’s song "A Change Is Gonna Come!" The headline stories were:

1. "Three Horrific Incidents of NYPD Abuse Since Eric Garner Was Choked to Death"

2. "New Study: White People Support Harsher Criminal Penalties When Told More Black People are Incarcerated",

3. "Shocking Videos Of Police Brutality Put Bratton and NYPD on Defensive"

4. "Nation’s Top Civil Rights Lawyers Say Discriminatory Jim Crow Voting Laws Abound". To this I ask, " Why does this madness continue to go on and on and on?"

Let me share with you something that I read recently in the Original African Heritage Edition Holy Bible. "Racism and the Spirit of Death." Racism releases the spirit of death from one culture onto another.You cannot pick up a news magazine without finding an article on racism. The need for reconciliation and healing between races surfaces in nearly every form of media. It cries for attention and healing. Racism is a complex and sensitive issue. Yet, the healing of our cities will not occur until the church is delivered of cultural pride and insolence. Itself has become a source of healing.

To the White Church: Much of the violence we are reaping in our cities today was sown during the era when the Blacks were enslaved. To understand racism and its effect upon our society, therefore, we must step back into the days when slavery was an American way of life. Let us also note that racism is to modern times what slavery was to our forefathers; racism is the spirit behind slavery. As you read, we would encourage you to put yourself in the place of the one enslaved.

When a people were subjugated, not only did they lose their national and cultural identities but, also,all they had amassed and attained was stripped from them as well. The family unit itself was frequently disintegrated; preteens and teenagers were often separated from parents and then auctioned while their grieving parents watched. Wives were abducted from their husbands and frequently subjected to sexual abuse from their white masters. In general, the black male was reduced to a position in American society just slightly more respected than livestock (and he still is).

The enslaved soul traveled a torturous road. All the landmarks in the individual’s soul were shattered, and devastated beyond our present faculties understanding. It was broken beyond a human abilities to repair. Having been robbed of their freedom, most slaves finally accepted their fate; and as they did, oppression and death soaked into their spirits (and it’s still there).

There were of course, a few Blacks who overcame extreme difficulties. Which in turn lead them to be esteemed and respected by many whites. But they were the rare exceptions. Typically, whenever people were taken captive, they faced death in one of two ways: they physically died due to physical hardships, or they experienced death through the psychological bondage of slavery itself. You see, The spirit which manifests through the victors upon the vanquished is the spirit of death. Thus slavery exacted a quantitative and qualitative loss of life upon the Blacks. It immersed their culture in a flood of death. Let me stop here, but this will definitely be continued. For this history definitely needs to be told to open one’s eyes to these hard cold realities. Hopefully, enabling a genuine healing to occur in our society between the races.

When is the change going to come? Judging from the many horrific things that are still continuously going on against African-Americans in this country it looks like it never will. Why? Being that this information was taken out of the Original African Heritage Bible the responsibility is on those professing to be Christians. The answer to this problem is in 2nd Chronicles 7:14-15: If My people who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. The responsibility for the healing of racism is laid at the feet of those professing to be Christians! Seriously think on this!

Community Bulletin: Don’t forget to support the "I’m So Newburgh Stop The Violence" event on Saturday, August 23rd which is being held in Downing Park from 12 noon to 8PM. For more information contact: Anjel Starr@ 212-390-0886 or Omari Shakur@ 845-219-2365.

This is Lillie’s Point of View and I’m Just Having My Say!

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