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August 6th, 2014

I’m So Newburgh, Stop the Violence

Lillie Howard

On Sunday, July 27th the city of Newburgh experienced an event that was the beginning of what hopefully could be the rebirth of our city. Truthfully, thanks to the viewing of "The STING" which was a documentary recently presented on HBO on July 21st about The Newburgh Four, an alarm went off. Over 1,300 responses on Facebook evolved and a gentleman named Florida said "Everyone bring your grill out and let’s all break bread together." Florida contacted Anjel Starr and Omari Shakur and that’s what sparked the "I’m So Newburgh Stop the Violence" event. City of Newburgh Council members Cindy Holmes and Cedric Brown helped them obtain the permit.

Several hundred people participated and it could be the start of something new and good for our community. It showed that there are people in our community who care and are concerned. On Broadway from Liberty Street to Carpenter Avenue grills were cooking, music was playing and Black, Latino, White and young and old were enjoying themselves. Not one incident of violence took place and people were dancing in the streets. They were all there to show their love and concern for their city. Being that Newburgh has been listed as one of the worst places to live in the nation, hopefully the movement will be the beginning of that profile being erased. One person’s remarks about the event was "the atmosphere was peaceful, friendly, the community seemed cohesive...but Sunday is not enough.

The next "I’m So Newburgh Stop the Violence" event is scheduled for Saturday, August 23rd at Downing Park, 12 noon to 8pm. There will be food, music, guest speakers and also various things for the children such as face painting, boat rides in the pond and other activities. They’re asking for the community to chip in and help for this event. This could be the start of something good for our city. They are doing this for a better tomorrow. Anyone interested in lending an helping hand should contact Anjel Starr at 212-390-0886 or Omari Shakur at 845-219-2365.

Anjel, Omari and Joe let me share this with you which is taken from Iyanla Vanzant’s "ACTS of Faith" "It takes courage, strength and conviction to go against the grain. But if someone hadn’t done it, we wouldn’t have wheat bread, chocolate chip ice cream or radios in our cars. It is often difficult to get other people to follow your train of thought. Stop trying. It’s your train. You are the engineer and the conductor. We usually want and need help, support and comfort when we are doing something new. If we do not get it, so what! Does it mean we should stop what we are doing. Absolutely not! The path to success is paved with road signs, warning symbols and obstructions. But when you start a new trail, equipped with courage, strength and conviction, the only thing that can stop you is you."

It’s time for us to rise up, band together to turn things around in our community. Always remember that united we will stand but divided we definitely will continue to fall. Truthfully, I feel that this could be the start of something good for our community. I feel that my Heavenly Father has heard the cries of the people and He is responding to those cries. Anjel, Omari and Joe keep on moving forward and don’t let anyone nor anything separate you because they definitely will try. So what! They can’t touch this nor stop this unless one of you allows them to do so. This is for our children so you can’t allow this to be stopped for if you do you will only have yourselves to blame.

This is Lillie’s Point of View and I’m just having my say!

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