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September 25th, 2013

What really happened with the Ward 4 primary voting?

Lillie Howard

One single vote was the deciding factor in the Ward 4 primary! The other candidate says that the disallowed vote was really hers. Many people were sent to the wrong polls to cast their votes and many voters were not allowed to vote at all. This past primary election was nothing but a nightmare and many feel that it was deliberately done. Why? Because in order for the Master Plan for the City of Newburgh to be implemented, certain people could not be allowed to win.

Truthfully, taking into consideration the low turnout, not many gave a hoot either way. This is a sad hard cold reality in the City of Newburgh. Could it be that the desire to participate in the political process in our city has been lost due to none of the promises uttered by the politicians ever being realized? Newburgh is the cash cow for Orange County. Many have and still are reaping the benefits for keeping the City of Newburgh in the condition that it has been for many years. How sad! The Orange County Board of Elections should be thoroughly investigated. Where does attorney Michael Sussman stand on this?

First and definitely foremost, new leadership has to evolve on that Democrat Committee. Rumor has it that Tammi Pebbles Hollins’ name is being mentioned as becoming the new Chairperson of the Democrat Committee. Wow! If that’s true then it confirms the reason she deliberately entered into the race in the First Ward knowing that she would split the vote with Timothy Hayes-El, guaranteeing Karen Mejia’s win. Only time will tell!

The City of Newburgh is on the verge of kicking a lot of its citizens to the curb and that curb will definitely not be located within this city. How sad! But this is not surprising, as Newburgh has always had a dislike for those who don’t meet up to certain folks’ standards. I remember being told many years ago how a certain bar located down by the ferry would break the glass that an African American customer had drank out of once that customer had left. This was back in the ‘40s, but that same mentality still exists; it’s just being displayed in a different way.

It’s a very clear but sad fact that racial intolerance exists throughout this country and until it’s acknowledged this country is headed towards self-destruction. Let me share something written by Rev. Jessie Jackson for the book, "Why We Can’ Wait" by Martin Luther King, Jr.:

"AFTERWORD: We stand at the threshold to a new era. The cold war is over. Deficits have become surpluses. The old excuses are over. The urgency to fulfill the legacy of Dr. King is upon us. Just as Moses led his people across the Red Sea, Dr. King led us across many rivers. But now is not the time to grow weary and complacent. We have been through the desert for forty days and forty nights, but there is one more river to cross. The Promised Land is on the horizon. One America under one big tent, where all of us are included and none are left in the margins. Our challenge is to make that journey together."

Will the City of Newburgh ever evolve into that reality? If not, we’ll only have ourselves to blame! Seriously think on that! This is Lillie’s Point of View!

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Reader Response
  • Marc Starling
  • September 26th, 2013 Very well said....You are an inspiration to many...keep us informed and so the message does not get lost...stay blessed!!!

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