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August 28th, 2013

It feels so good to be back with all of you once again!

Lillie Howard

It’s so good to be back! Did you miss me? I hope that you did because I missed conversing with you. I didn’t think I would make it, but evidently my work is not finished as of yet. So much has happened since we’ve been sharing each other’s thoughts, but hopefully you are still in the mix of things.

Truthfully, I had no idea what I would start my column off with this time around, but as I was watching the Pam Grier movie "Coffy" this evening I realized that not much has changed since the film was released in 1973. Wow! An African American politician in the movie make this statement: "Black, brown, or yellow I’m in it for the green. You’ve been listening to my political speeches but I thought that you’d be more intelligent than to listen to crap like that." Wow! This is the real problem that has plagued us throughout the years. The real questions that should be asked of all of the politicians are "Why are you really running" and "who’s going to really benefit from it?"

We must be aware of not only what politicians and so-called community leaders are saying, but what they are doing and what they have already done. These are questions that must be seriously addressed. The upcoming primary election on Tuesday, September 10th is going to determine which direction the City of Newburgh will be heading in and it’s very frightening. It’s sad to say - and it sucks, really - because what started back in the late 1950s via Urban Renewal will finally be totally realized if the powers-that-be’s candidates win. You should know who they are by now and if not you should be ashamed of yourself. Who are they connected to and what have they done so far to benefit your reality? How have they made things better for you? Seriously think on this!

My heart is overwhelmed by what I see materializing in the city where I was born. That’s why I feel like I have a responsibility in ensuring that it truly becomes a city whereby all of its citizens can thrive. So far the only ones who are thriving are the community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and the rest who could care less about the masses that are starving for jobs and a decent way of surviving. Do you think that the least of those are satisfied with their conditions? If so, you are completely in denial. If you feel that the poor and those who are looked upon by some as being less than others are satisfied with the way that things are in this city then you are crazy.

Hopefully the right people will win in this upcoming election. If not, fasten your seat belts for what’s going to happen in the coming years. To some I might sound very cynical but I cannot help feeling this way after seeing all that I’ve seen in the City of Newburgh over the years. It’s time that the people wake up and realize that Newburgh will never rise up until it puts things in place to benefit all of its citizens. Poverty breeds crime and those that have allowed poverty to continue are the real culprits.

This is coming to you from a heart of love because I want to see all of the people in this community doing good. This is coming straight from my heart with loving kindness. It’s feels good to be back! This is Lillie’s Point of View!

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