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February 20th, 2013

Revealing the common ancestry of all mankind

Lillie Howard

The tempestuous resentment about being denied as a people, a time, place and space in the historical drama of man, has been upgraded to a storm that cannot be held back. In this lifetime, we have witnessed the coming of a full circle: from the blatant racism whichrefused to acknowledge the African input into the creation of the world’s greatest civilizations and man’s finest achievements, to a recent flood of information revealing the common African ancestry of all people.

Recent newspapers and magazine articles have had no choice but to deal with man’s true origins. This return to the truth has been dubbed as "Afrocentrism." Whole histories are being rewritten, major myths are being debunked and primary sources of thought are being reanalyzed in the wake of this storm. No stone has been left unturned.

And now, we point the finger to one of the last bastions of recreated histories, lost and stolen legacies and uninterrupted mistranslations and falsifications - the Holy Bible. As the truth is being told, we cannot leave out the Word of God, which has, over the centuries, inspired more than just the creation of the physical plane, but shapes the very soul of man. In our presentation of the truth we remove all references to "race" in this text. It is a well-known fact that western world societies have fostered a deep-rooted sense of racism throughout the world. Witness: Slavery, Jim Crow and segregation in the United States, apartheid in South Africa; the caste system in India; European exploitation of Africa and other lands south of the equator.

We have chosen not to buy into this myth. Yet, the truth remains: the roots of all modern men stem from the same African (Black) genesis. We have substantiated the African presence in this African Biblical genesis. Our first task is to use Biblical evidence, supportive academic references and common sense logic and reasoning to show that the ancestral home of man (Adam), humanity’s common ancestor, was in Africa, the land called Eden in the Bible. We use the names Eden and Africa interchangeably and/or concurrently in order to maintain awareness that the two are really synonymous. Remember, the name "Africa" is actually of Latin origin and was imposed on that great continent by European explorers.

There is presently much controversy, fear and anger arising from the recent storm of Afrocentric revelations that state that the origins of life were in Africa (Eden). This anger has been surpassed only by the logic reality that accompanies it; i.e., if the origins of life were in the place called Africa, then the original occupant of this original place would have to be African/Edenic. Only those who seek to remain in darkness will reject these truths. At the same time, it will give those who have worked arduously over the centuries, hiding the truth and creating lies, a much-needed rest. Never forget that men in "high places" have cunningly used the Bible as an instrument of deception. Without a doubt, these "facts" will revolutionize your concept of yourself and the world around you.

The original man, Adam, was formed, in the beginning, "from the dust of the earth" of the land of Africa/Eden. Thus, Adam, the progenitor of all men, was created from and in Africa/Eden. These enlightening words are dedicated to the poor and the needy, the laymen of the earth, who are truly searching for another way.

This information comes from the book, "100 Amazing Facts on the African Presence in the Bible" (Winston-Derek Publishers, Inc. Communicators Press.)

Being that we are presently celebrating African American History month, I felt that this book held great significance and importance. The image of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus, depicted as Black (African/Edenic), is held as sacred and is worshiped by the faithful throughout Europe.

These images (paintings, sculptures, reliefs, etc.) can be found in Poland, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia, but why not in America? Seriously think on this! This is Lillie’s Point of View!

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