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August 29th, 2012

Nothing has really changed in politics except the faces

Lillie Howard
I’ve been sitting back and watching the new players that have entered the stage of Newburgh, New York. Wow! It’s sad to say, but the game never changes, only the players do.

It seems that the City of Newburgh always attracts those who want to get over on the community and get what they can get for themselves via their nonprofit organizations. I guess they see this as the way to go, being that this has been the vehicle used throughout the years in the City of Newburgh to benefit a few people. How sad!

Truthfully, I blame the city administration, which continues to award funds to not-for-profits that have not been seriously accomplishing anything except for things that benefit themselves. How sad that the poor are being used as tools for the benefit of others. Time and time again, monies have been sent into to the City of Newburgh to begin the turn-around of the poverty profile, but the profile never changes. In fact, the profile continues to grow larger and larger as time goes on.

I’ve been actively involved in this city for almost fifty years, and in that time I’ve seen the same get over games being played over and over and over again. In fact, the less that these nonprofits end up doing, the more monies they seem to receive. It seems that this is the way that the powers that be want things to be so they can continue to write the grants for more money to be allocated. Wow!

Take a stroll around the City of Newburgh and ask yourself this question: what happened to all of the money that’s been sent into the City of Newburgh for so many years to address the poverty? Where’s the beef? Where’s the proof that the money was used for what it was allocated for? Sure, the nonprofits got over, but who else? How sad! It’s been like telling people that it’s been raining but truthfully they’ve been pissed on. Wow!

What is it going to take to wake this community up? The taxpayers should be outraged with their politicians, who continuously allow these games to be played, instead of always blaming the poor people who are being used to get the money in here. Wake up and start demanding accountability from your politicians, everyone. If not, this madness is only going to continue.

Serious games have been and still are being played with people’s lives, including the poor and the taxpayers. Most of the nonprofits and the politicians are satisfied with things remaining the same because they are in fact the ones that are seriously benefitting from this madness. Take your dark sunglasses off, look around and wake up to this nonsense.

To the new players, some of whom are professing to be true Christians, you should remember that one day we are all going to stand before the judgement seat of  God to give an account of everything that we’ve done on this earth. The poor are always going to be on this earth, but it’s what you do to try and help them that will count in the end.

Let’s start creating nonprofits that will finally begin to address the real needs of our community, and turn our city into a place whose profile will be looked upon by others with awe, not  horror. This is my point of view!

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