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August 8th, 2012

Why is our society getting so negative these days?

Lillie Howard
What’s going on in our society is an indication of what was and is happening behind closed doors in the homes. Negative discussions behind closed doors have a way of cropping up on the outside, spreading hatred throughout our communities.

Racism is something that usually evolves from families discussing their feelings about other cultures in their homes. Children are deeply affected by this and usually wind up hating people that they haven’t even been allowed to get to know. How sad!

Hatred is passed down from generation to generation, and that’s why racism continues. It’s amazing that, in a country claiming to be largely Christian, there is such division among the races. It’s interesting that we recite the Pledge of Allegiance, which states “with liberty and justice for all”; one has to wonder how people can place their hands over their hearts and say those words when this is not the case.

Why is it not so? Because a game of divide and conquer is being played so that the rich can get richer. The only way they are able to do this is to pit one group against another. The real sad part is that we keep believing the lies.

The real culprits are the many politicians who are not concerned with helping the poor and underclass but are only concerned about themselves. Communities all throughout the nation are in the same condition because of this racist and greedy mentality. The middle class are the ones that really suffer from all of this, but instead of placing the blame where it belongs they allow themselves to believe the hype.

Sad to say, but the images put forth usually portray people of color as the culprits when the real culprits are the people pulling the strings behind closed doors. When are we going to wake up and realize what’s really going on? This nation is heading towards self-destruction, and we can see it all unfolding before our very eyes.

All the madness being aimed at President Obama is a perfect example of racism of the highest level. The horrible things that are being said about him show just how deep that this racism goes. There has never been another  president treated in the disrespectful way that he has been treated, and the real reason is the color of his skin. How sad!

Many people have died in this country to gain the right to vote, but now in many states that right is being taken away because they want to stop this African American President from being re-elected. Opponents are putting up all kinds of roadblocks to make sure that President Obama is a one term president. The real sad part of all of this is that racism is the underlying cause but they will never acknowledge that fact.

It’s time that all of us open our eyes and realize that we’re all in these deep waters together, even though we may be in different boats. Some may be in yachts, some may be in sailboats, some on ships, but we’re all going to drown if we don’t open our eyes and minds to this hard cold reality. This is my opinion!
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