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July 11th, 2012

Gentrification is coming to the City of Newburgh soon

Lillie Howard
This was the headline of an article that ran in the Times Herald-Record on 11/02/11: “Power brokers outline plans for cops, codes.”

This refers to the Greater Newburgh Partnership, a collection of city power brokers who want to reclaim neighborhoods in the City of Newburgh that have long frustrated redevelopment, hoping it will spark a revival from the city’s core. A presentation was held recently at the Powelton Club in Balmville to spark community involvement. (What community?)

The partnership would focus on cops, codes and cleanliness. The group has members from Newburgh’s most influential institutions and the Greater Newburgh investors include Allan Atzrott (CEO of St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital), Mount Saint Mary College, SUNY Orange and Central Hudson, among others. They will be working closely with the newly formed Newburgh Community Land Bank. This information comes from an article written by Doyle Murphy.

I find this information to be very interesting, very suspect and definitely very polarizing because there is no mention of jobs, inclusionary zoning, affordable housing, or anything else that would enable those residents presently living in that targeted area to be able to continue to reside there. Wow!

This is nothing but Twenty First Century Urban Renewal. Sadly, these types of plans are going on throughout the country - a country that was built on the backs of our forefathers and seems to no longer have any need for us except to fill their prisons. Wow!

I recently attended a meeting that was advertised: “Attention Newburgh residents! There is change happening right now in Newburgh! What changes do you want to see on your block? Find out what projects are planned for your block, tell us what projects you’d like to see and how you think the community should benefit, find out how you can get on the Resident Advisory Committee.”

Wow! Six months after the above agenda has already been put in place and Community Voices Heard is sponsoring this. Wow!

Why do this now, after all of the major decisions and players have already been put in place? What’s really going on here? Take a trip down to Harlem and you’ll see the final outcome of what will be going on right here in the City of Newburgh. Gentrification, wow!

It’s been a long time coming and change is definitely going to come because most of the residents living in those designated areas will no longer be able to continue living there. Where will they go? Who really cares?

Last, but definitely not least, this madness is going on in a city that has a total Democratic council and three of those five council members are African American. Wow!

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