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October 30th, 2013

Things are going from bad to really bad in Washington

Harry C. Alford

I have never seen so much venom, evil and dishonesty coming from a presidential administration as the one we have now. The agencies appear to be incompetent and evasive. When they get exposed they try to cover it up by being more incompetent and evasive. It is like the Mafia playing Keystone cops and doing very poorly. Our great nation is being shamed before the entire world and it certainly hurts anyone who has a love for our land. Many of us shake our heads and shed a few tears. How did we get like this?

Our justice department was the first to be exposed with its botched "Fast and Furious" operation. They released hundreds of illegal weapons and let them get into the hands of drug traffickers. It resulted in the deaths of some of our border guards. Hundreds of Mexican citizens also were murdered by these weapons. They have been trying to cover up this sinister plot. Why did they do it? They assumed there would be a public outcry about the use of assault weapons and they could impose Gun Control on our citizens even though the 2nd Amendment forbade it. What an evil scheme that has caused the unnecessary deaths on both sides of our southern border.

How about the cover up in Benghazi? A US Ambassador and three career State Department employees are murdered by Al Qaeda and dozens are wounded and put into hiding so that the truth about what happened will not be exposed. Like "Fast and Furious" there is a complete cover up at the White House and no regard at all for the slain and wounded.

We have an IRS that has been turned into a political hit task force. Operatives at the IRS headquarters in DC visit the White House on an ongoing basis to receive orders to block groups and persons of a particular political persuasion from receiving certain tax status. It is strictly an attack on the freedom of speech and choice. It’s like "Damn the Constitution, let’s hurt them". Never have we seen such vicious, organized attacks by our government on our citizens.

The Department of Energy became a "Piñata Party" for hustlers seeking grants. Those who contributed to the Obama Administration and paid multiple visits to the White House were showered by billions of dollars for research projects they couldn’t possibly perform. Solyndra is a classic example of this. Millions of dollars in political contributions and dozens of White House visits gave this inept operation nearly a billion dollars in a grant they couldn’t perform. Such acts became a clear scheme of "pay to play" just like they do in Chicago.

Our White House became their White House as they shut down public tours for citizens wishing to visit our national capital. It is just plain mean - blocking senior citizens and young students from visiting the pride of our republic. It’s like America, the land of the free, is under siege by nonreligious, socialistic evil doers.

Recently, we have come to find that we are spying on just about everyone around the world. Our National Security Agency, NSA, has been listening in on our phone conversations, swiping our emails, and other cryptic and sick things. They have actually tapped the emails and phone calls of the President of Brazil. Brazil is supposed to be our friend. So is France and Germany but this administration acts as if no one should be trusted. The fact is to the world’s view, we can’t be trusted. They have even tapped the cell phone of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. She is not laughing. Brazil’s president cancelled a big deal they had with our Boeing Airlines and replaced it with France’s Air Bus. I’m sure some of our major corporations will receive the same fate from Prime Minister Merkel. Yes, this anti-capitalistic administration is hurting our economy and laughing all the way. America, the most admired nation in the world, has plummeted in prestige.

Oh yes! What about that Obamacare? The biggest but most hated project of all had its launch October 1st. It has been a total failure and we haven’t seen the worst yet. In their own corrupt way they selected a Web Master via a sole contract (no open competition or explanation why they are being selected). This Canadian corporation had recently been fired by the government of Ontario, Canada for incompetence. So what, this is about how much money they gave to the last campaign and how many White House visits they made. They quoted the cost of the project to be $60 million but in the end they ripped off over $700 million and the dumb website doesn’t even work. Just another example of the most corrupt, incompetent administration America has ever experienced. Save us Lord!

Harry C. Alford is the co-founder, President and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

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