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October 28th, 2009

Voter disappointment in Wayne Booth’s record

I am a registered Republican.

Some eight years ago I voted for a man named Wayne Booth, that I thought would be good for the Town of Newburgh. While in his first term in office, I had a conversation with Mr. Booth. He explained to me that it would take time to make a change and that he could not build Rome in a day. I gave him the benefit of time to make this change.

Now after (8) years, I have seen enough. The change Mr. Booth spoke of was not for the good of the Town of Newburgh.

In these eight we have seen:

Average yearly taxes increase of 9%, with the exception of this year 2009 a 17%+ tax increase.

We now have some of the worst looking roads in Orange County, after Mr. Booth raised the Highway tax 14% back in 2004 for a ten year road reconstruction plan that has never been made public. Mr. Booth has not held the highway superintendent accountable for our road conditions.

We have a Police Department not properly equipped and currently working at the New York State Department of Criminal Justice recommended staffing levels for 1995.

We have a Highway Department force that has been reduce and forced by supervisors to work in unsafe conditions most time violating OSHA, NIOSH.

We have an under staffed Code and Fire Inspectors office with many of these employee’s are asked to where multiple hats and given jobs they were not originally hired for.

We have seen uncontrolled growth and traffic everywhere.

Mr. Booth in his eight years has not been able to provide clean safe drinking water for Town residents and has put this task off until at least 2013. The countless number years this filter project is put off will cost us tax payers $millions$.

Mr. Booth you have been a Big Disappointment! That is why I am urging anyone concerned with some or all of these issues to join me in supporting Stephen Krasner for Town of Newburgh Supervisor come November 3, 2009.

Joseph Roy

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