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July 25th, 2012

GOP still seething over huge healthcare loss

Dear Editor:

The Republican’s last ditch effort to kill President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act before the public could realize its full features and benefits was dashed in stunning and dramatic fashion recently. Knowing it would be near impossible to claw back benefits after the most popular aspects of the Bill have been implemented, the GOP was relying on a stacked court to do the dirty work.

This was supposed to be an in your face slam-dunk. Not only was President Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment to be thrown back in his face, but the fact that it would been done so on constitutional grounds would have been a historic embarrassment.

Our suspicions were raised during the Obama administration’s efforts to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago. The glee many expressed when America lost its bid to Brazil was a hint that those aligned with the GOP had nothing but malice for this administration.

Leaving Right Wing stooges, and so-called analysts seething over what they felt was the ultimate betrayal, they spent the weekend slamming Chief Justice John Roberts. Intent on maintaining the court’s independence and integrity, the Chief Justice rendered the only judgement possible under these extraordinary circumstances. At a time when the people have nearly lost all faith and respect for the three branches of government, Justice Roberts made it abundantly clear that his court was in nobody’s pocket, his court was above politics and his court was not politically predictable.

Lee Bines

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