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»  Write-in "Gay Lee"

Dear Editor: On September 10, 2015, please write my name on the ballot.  A write-in campaign is necessary because of all the reasons below.You can write my name in the box just below Judy's where is says "write-in".  I have contacted the NYS boards of Ethics, and the AG's office.  In the morning, I will send a letter to the...

»  County Sales Tax For Broadway Businesses

Last year the Orange County Legislature voted to increase the county sales tax rate to 4%. The...

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»  African-Americans and Colon Cancer

Here’s some promising news: A recent study suggests that you can reduce your risk for colon...

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»  Politicians Love Israel

America’s politicians love Israel, and support this apartheid state no matter what human...

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»  No Time For Politics As Usual

It is unusual when an incumbent council member of the same party supports a challenger to the...

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