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July 5th, 2009

NECSD Honors Retirees

Newburgh Enlarged City School District Superintendent Dr. Annette M. Saturnelli and Board of Education Member Dawn Fuckeck present certificates of appreciation to the 2008-2009 retirees in attendance at the June 23, 2009, Board of Education meeting.

Newburgh - The Newburgh Enlarged City School District is proud to recognize the 29 outstanding teachers and staff members who retired following the 2008-2009 school year. At the Board of Education meeting held on Tues., June 23, 2009, retirees were honored for their hard work and dedication to the Newburgh Enlarged School District during their years of service. This year’s retirees are:


Administration Monica Donato                                  12 years           Principal Typist

Administration Thomas Miller                                     31 years           Teacher           

Balmville                       Catherine Breitenbach            28 years           Special Ed       

Balmville                       Donna Qualey                          23 years           N-6     

Fostertown                   Joan Fairbanks                        23 years           Teacher Aide

Fostertown                   Philip Giansante                        35 years           Teacher

Fostertown                   Sharon Minard                         35 years           N-6

Gardnertown                Mary Ann Fitzgerald                 25 years           N-6

Gidney Avenue Faith Canfield                                     38 years           N-6

Gidney Avenue Patricia Wright                                   40 years           Math

Gidney Avenue Susan Conner                                      22 years           Media Specialist          

Heritage Junior High     Ronni Warshaw                        29 years           Teacher Aide

Horizons                       Rita Kaplan                              17 years           ESL    

Horizons                       Donna Liebman                        37 years           Art

Horizons                       Patricia Griggs                        18 years           N-6

Meadow Hill                Claudine Leduc                        20 years           N-6

Meadow Hill                Alice Tierney                            39 years           N-6

Meadow Hill                Colleen Hoffmann                     39 years           Reading

Meadow Hill                Cynthia Carreras                      25 years           N-6

Meadow Hill                Donna Palmer                           38 years           N-6

Meadow Hill                Kathryn Sorbello                      28 years           N-6

Meadow Hill                Loretta Finkelstein                    20 years           N-6

Meadow Hill                Lynn Dickinson                          20 years           N-6

Meadow Hill                Nancy Sparacio                        16 years           N-6

Meadow Hill                Nelson Kenneth                        36 years           N-6

New Windsor               Erika McGrath                         14 years           Teacher Aide

NFA                            Audrey Carey                           43 years           Director of Nursing

NFA                            Calvin Parent                            40 years           Music Teacher

NFA                            Carol Bonfiglio                          11 years           Math Teacher

NFA                            Edward Paccione                     32 years           Math Teacher

NFA                            Frances Goldstein                     21 years           Home Economics Teacher

NFA                            Kathleen Brandon                     23 years           Matron

NFA                            Margaret Dina                          19 years           Teacher Aide   

NFA                            Paul Mangiamele                      23 years           Assistant Principal        

NFA                            Thomas Neppl                          23 years           Social Studies Teacher  

NFA                            Yvette Lewis                            23 years           Art Teacher

North Junior High         Barbara Stack                          11 years           Nurse  

North Junior High         Florence Cotton                       23 years           Matron

North Junior High         George Lyons                           19 years           Guidance Counselor

North Junior High         Ronald Stern                            24 years           Math Teacher

Pre-K Renwick St.       Arthur Mamazza                       32 years           Principal          

Pre-K Washington St. Geraldine Luloff                         44 years           N-6

Pre-K Washington St.  Carol Brown                            40 years           N-6

South Junior High         Ethel Ponder                             30 years           Matron

Temple Hill                   Karen Marrinan                        23 years           N-6

Temple Hill                   Luz Gillman                              16 years           N-6-   Bi-Ling

Temple Hill                   Nicholas Garzione                    36 years           N-6

Temple Hill                   Patricia Kent                            22 years           N-6

Temple Hill                   Robin Grove                             29 years           N-6     

Vails Gate                    Barbara Oliver                          23 years           N-6

Vails Gate                    Camille Moriello                       29 years           Reading

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