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July 15th, 2008

SLCH June 2008 Arrivals

June 2008

Benson, a Girl, Reilly Anne, born June 2, to Tina and Edwin Benson of Walden.


Cardenas, a Boy, Andres Keith, born June 2, to Elizabeth and Keith Cardenas of Newburgh.


Strauss, a Boy, Joshua Alan, born June 2, to Erika and Alan Strauss of Gardiner.


Rivera, a Girl, Sarah Martina, born June 3, to Yanira and Martin Rivera of Newburgh.


Morton, a Boy, Jalen Amarion, born June 4, to Marcella Morton of Newburgh.


Rodriguez, a Girl, Dayami, born June 4, to Isabel Alvarez and David Rodriguez of Plattekill.


Hawver, a Boy, Damon John Jr., born June 6, to Stephanie Cosman and Damon Hawver of Newburgh.


McCormick, a Girl, Brenna Joelle, born June 6, to Jennifer and Joseph McCormick of Cornwall-on-Hudson.


Ladlee, a Girl, Abigail Claire, born June 7, to Jessica and Howard Ladlee of Cornwall-on-Hudson.


Esteves, a Girl, Julianna Jolie, born June 8, to Ledys and Edgar Esteves of Plattekill.


Ponce, a Boy, Haziel, born June 8, to Santa Palma and Jose Ponce of Newburgh.


Reyes, a Girl, Isabel Maria, born June 9, to Carminda Reyes of Newburgh.


Soule, a Girl, Anthony James, born June 9, to Paula and Joshua Soulé of Cornwall.


McGrail, a Boy, Evan James, born June 10, to Nicole Murphy and James McGrail Jr. of Walden.


Melvin, a Girl, Aniya Renee, born June 10, to Miriam Dixon and Delphon Melvin of Newburgh.


Mack, a Boy, Xzayveon Lee, born June 11, to Margaretta Mack of Newburgh.


Baxter, a Boy, Michael Edward, born June 13, to Heather Sulkers and David Baxter of Maybrook.


Burks, a Boy, Marcus Tyrell, born June 13, to Towana Burks of Newburgh.


Boss, a Boy, Aiden Frederick, born June 14, to Tara and Frederick Boss Jr. of Newburgh.


Forester, a Girl, Emma Marie-Morris, born June 14, to Kathleen McNair and Beau Forester of Newburgh.


Gerena, a Boy, Zachary Aiden, born June 14, to Noemí and Eric Gerena of Newburgh.


Ramirez, a Boy, Alexzus Noel, born June 15, to Krystal Rivera and Celestino Ramirez of Newburgh.


Perez, a Boy, Edwin Joseph, born June 16, to Celia Perez of Highland Falls.


Aquino, a Girl, Skiyanna Myla, born June 16, to Gloria Antonetty and Tony Aquino of Newburgh.


Grogan, a Girl, Gabryela Rose, born June 17, to Diane and Eugene Grogan of Wallkill.


Kirwan, a Boy, Matthew Thomas, born June 17, to Jamie and Matthew Kirwan of Newburgh.


Cohen, a Boy, Azuri Ka’deem, born June 18, to Shontica McLean and Andre Cohen of Newburgh.


Deines, a Girl, Kyla Michelle, born June 18, to Nicole Challes and Michael Deines of New Windsor.


Kidney, a Girl, Lucy Marie, born June 18, to Shawna and Caleb Kidney of Cornwall-on-Hudson.


Lanzoni, a Girl, Marlie Susan, born June 18, to Krista and Marco Lanzoni of Marlboro.


Soriano, a Girl, Belinda Janell, born June 18, to Carmela and Alberto Soriano of Newburgh.


Woller, a Girl, Rachel Ann, born June 18, to Rachel Bailey Hoover and Christopher Woller of Cornwall-on-Hudson.


Badendyck, a Boy, Brody Paul, born June 19, to Sherri and Brett Badendyck of Newburgh.


Cruz, a Girl, Gabriela Crystal, born June 19, Blanca Luna and Armando Cruz of Newburgh.


Stipak, a Girl, Robyn Suzzanne, born June 19, to Aimee and Robert Stipak Jr. of Newburgh.


Geer, a Girl, Hayden Marie, born June 20, to Danielle Huston and Robert Geer of Bloomingburg.


Scott, a Girl, Paityn Ann, born June 20, to Renae and Derek Scott of Newburgh.


Whitted, a Boy, Ja’siah Maurice, born June 21, to Shaniqua Holmes and Jermaine Whitted of Newburgh.


Mitzner, a Girl, Mackenzie Madison, born June 22, to Kristen Weygant and Michael Mitzner of Newburgh.


Kaba, a Boy, Valtow, born June 23, to Mevlana and Ardian Kaba of Newburgh.


McDonough, a Boy, Patrick, born June 23, to Roxana Leszczynski and Michael McDonough of Newburgh.


Baynes, a Boy, KayDen Anthony, born June 24, to LaShanna and Kevin Baynes of Newburgh.


Baynes, a Girl, KayLyn Christine, born June 24, to LaShanna and Kevin Baynes of Newburgh.


Natale, a Boy, Austin Michael, born June 24, to Kathryn and Michael Natale of New Windsor.

Chavez, a boy, Xavier Enrique, born June 25, to Christina Leppert and Xavier Chavez Jr. of Newburgh.


Coakley, a Girl, Gemma Anise, born June 25, to Shannon Ruger and Dennis Coakley Jr. of Cornwall.


Lucas, a Boy, Zander Xavier, born June 25, to Claudia Rojas and Gonzalo Lucas of New Windsor.


Mann, a Boy, Jaymz Tyla, born June 25, to Melanie Principe-Mann and Chester Mann III of New Windsor.


Miles, a Boy, Julius Camren, born June 25, to Crystal Castro and Fred Miles of Newburgh.


Szeli, a Girl, Riley Lynne, born June 26, to Kelly and Brian Szeli of Newburgh.


Bonasio, a Boy, Nicolas Gabriel, born June 26, to Heather and Dominic Bonasio of Walden.

Engels, a Boy, Andrew Jon, born June 27, to Heather and Steven Engels of Gardiner.


Evans, a Boy, Michael, born June 27, to Arabia Melvin and Michael Evans of Newburgh.


Rodriguez, a Girl, Yadira Elissa, born June 27, to Ana and Jose Rodriguez of Newburgh.


Algarin, a Boy, Braden Daniel, born June 28, to Diana and Daniel Algarin of Maybrook.


Frasier, a Boy, Avante Divine Keith, born June 28, to Stefanie Ostendorf-Butchko and Myron Frasier of Walden.


Markle, a Girl, Madison Emery, born June 28, to Laura Martinez and Steven Markle of Newburgh.


Michaud, a Boy, Timothy Vincent, born June 30, to Melissa Van Dyke and Carl Michaud of Clintondale.


Velasquez, a Girl, Angely Lulay, born June 30, to Claudia and Angel Velasquez of Wallkill.

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