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April 15th, 2008

SLCH March 2008 Arrivals

March 2008

Brown, a Girl, April Marie, born March 1, to Delores Smith and Pedro Brown of Newburgh.


Cohen, a Boy, Amere Larry Kingston, born March 1, to Javona Williams of Newburgh.


McKiever, a Boy, Luke John, born March 2, to Marie-Pierre Brule-McKiever and Mitchell McKiever of Newburgh.


Cunningham, a Boy, Raequan Khalid, born March 3, to Brandi McKinney and Raymond Cunningham, Jr. of New Windsor.


Turner, a Boy, Jason Nicholas, born March 4, to Danielle Salomone and Richard Turner of Cornwall.


Daniels, a Boy, Jonathan James, born March 5, to DeAndrea Daniels of Newburgh.


Ruiz, Jr., a Boy, Thomas Tristan, born March 6, to Regina and Thomas Ruiz of Wallkill.


Carney, a Girl, Lilly Ann, born March 7, to Katie and Derek Carney of New Windsor.


Natale, a Girl, Gianna D’Ree, born March 7, to Jenilyn and Robert Natale of Newburgh.


Taylor, a Girl, Madalyn Marie, born March 8, to Rebecca Hokirk and Chris Taylor of Newburgh.


Catalano, a Girl, Isabella Rosalynn, born March 11, to Annmarie Milby and Walter Catalano, III of Newburgh.


Gutierrez, a Boy, Aidan Yeremy, born March 12, to Patricia Hernandez and Octaviano Gutierrez of Newburgh.


Buzeta, a Girl, Adelina Cailin, born March 13, to Jennifer and Pablo Buzeta of Newburgh.


Collazo, a Girl, Elana Ava, born March 13, to Amy Perez and Abner Collazo of Newburgh.


Pitkin, a Boy, Hunter George Anthony, born March 13, to Kristin and Joshua Pitkin of Marlboro.


Rivera, a Boy, Antonio John, born March 13, to Gina Eagen and Roberto Rivera, Jr.

Sullivan, Liam Timothy, a boy, born March 16, to Alicia and Timothy Sullivan of Plattekill.


Crocker, a Boy, Michael Alexander, III, born March 17, to Elizabeth Rivera and Michael Alexander, II of Newburgh.

Roblero, Kimberly, a girl born March 18, to Beatriz Roblero Duran and Vidal Roblero of Newburgh.

Perez, a Girl, Samantha Michelle, born March 19, to Jessica Rivera of New York City.


Shafer, a Girl, Dakota Autumn, born March 19, to Carissa and Philip Shafer of Newburgh.


Casco, a Girl, Naydeen Nicole, born March 20, to Debbie Vazquez and Oscar Casco of Newburgh.


Ochoa, a Boy, Alexavier, born March 21, to Judith Flores and Vicente Ochoa, Jr. of Newburgh.

Domingues, a Girl, Mia Faith, born March 21, to Cheri and Antonio Domingues of Wallkill.


Vesely, a Boy, Michael Ryan, born March 21, to Kasey and Chad Vesely of Wallkill.


Carranza, a Boy, Andy Sanchez, born March 23, to Ana Sanchez and Agustin Carranza of Newburgh.


Guerrero, a Girl, Victoria, born March 23, to Lisbeth Gonzalez and Antonio Guerrero of Newburgh.

Medina, a Boy, Michael Evan, born March 24, to Fayth and Michael Medina of Washingtonville.


Taylor, a Boy, Ryan Henry, born March 25, to Vicki and Roscoe Taylor of Monroe.


Sanchez, a Boy, Aidan Luis, born March 26, to Jennifer LoFaro and Angel Sanchez, Jr. of Newburgh.

Decker, a Girl, Shaelynn Sarah, born March 27, to Victoria and David Decker of Wallkill.


Guerriero, a Girl, Michelle Sarah, born March 27, to Marjorie Guerriero-Silva and Michael Guerriero of Cornwall.


Durocher, a Boy, Jasiah Nathanial, born March 30, to Tiffany Brown and Christopher Durocher of Newburgh.


Mentz, a Boy, Braden Anthony, born March 30, to Danika Mentz of Pine Bush.


Crisotomo, a Boy, Jacob Genaro, born March 31, to Sandra Lezama and Roberto Crisostomo of New Windsor.

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