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November 15th, 2007

October 2007 SLCH Arrivals

October 2007

Lopez, a Girl, Bella Meah, born October 01, to Lillian and Lorenzo Lopez of Newburgh.

Pierce, a Girl, Kemoura Patricia, born October 01, to Damaris Montalvo and Hardy Pierce III of New Windsor.

Feldman, a Boy, Al-Quran Ali II, born October 02, to Anne Crider and Al-Quran Feldman of Newburgh.

Newhall, a Girl, Bella Rose, born October 02, to Nicolena and John Newhall of Newburgh.

Thomas, a Girl, Samantha Paige, born October 03, to Rebecca and Christopher Thomas of New Windsor.

Ramos, a Boy, Anthony Jaiden, born October 04, to Diana and Anthony Ramos of Congers.

Jones, a Boy, Corey Michael, born October 05, to Pamela and Michael Jones of Newburgh.

Torres, a Boy, Elian, born October 05, to Alieia Villanueva and Panfilo Tores of Newburgh.

Villalpando, a Boy, Larry, born October 05, to Alma Esquivias and Felix Villalpando of Campbell Hall.

Faison, a Girl, Shanell Lynn, born October 06, to Chakal Faison of Newburgh.

Madueno, a Boy, Michael Angelo Luis, born October 06, to Yomeili Bonilla and Gerson Madueno of Newburgh.

Pizzolli, a Boy, Thomas James, born October 06, to Danielle Degroat and Thomas Pizzulli Jr. of Pine Bush.

Trinh, a Girl, Sophia Nhu-y, born October 06, to Hong Tran and Kien Trinh of New Windsor.

White, a Boy, David Jr., born October 09, to Christal Muntz and David White of Monroe.

Machuca, a Girl, Diamilette, born October 10, to Maria Galindo and Juan Machuca of Newburgh.

Stewart, a Boy, Nurell Elijah, born October 10, to Teira George of Newburgh.

Foti, a Girl, Madison J., born October 11, to Kathryn and Jason Foti of Newburgh.

Hill, a Girl, Jo-May Arielle, born October 11, to Gabrielle and Roger Hill of Newburgh.

Price, a Boy, Thomas Jay, born October 11, to Dina Dolder and Kader Price of Wallkill.

Guerra, a Girl, Isabella Lucia, born October 12, to Skye and Jose Guerra of Walden.

Miller, a Boy, Oren James, born October 12, to Anne and Shawn Miller of Newburgh.

Rivera, a Boy, Jayden Michael, born October 12, to Nicole Black and Wilfredo Rivera of Newburgh.

Serrano, a Girl, Josephine Lynne, born October 12, to Meiganne and Luis Serrano of Newburgh.

Connell, a Boy, Sean Michael, born October 13, to Joanne and Jason Connell of Newburgh.

Hernandez, a Girl, Juniett Tomas, born October 13, to Takeisha Williams and Tomas Hernandez of Newburgh.

Santana, a Boy, Brian Eleseo, born October 13, to Kenia Gallardo and Eleseo Santana Jr. of Newburgh.

Dubose, a Girl, Alanah Jade, born October 14, to Corine and Corey Dubose of Newburgh.

Jackson, a Boy, Zhyhiem Julion, born October 15, to Locur Burks and Robert Jackson of Newburgh.

Santos, a Boy, Fernando Bryan, born October 15, to July Pisco and Fernando Santos of Newburgh.

Tarantino, a Girl, Ava Helene, born October 15, to Lisa Dederick of Newburgh.

Lazaro, a Girl, Paige Bryanna, born October 16, to Alexis and Joshua Lazaro of Beacon.

Blinn, a Boy, Bryan Connor, born October 17, to Meghan Blinn of Pine Bush.

Gurna, a Girl, Rosalie Malaika, born October 17, to Elia and Eric Gurna of Beacon.

Ibbetson, a Girl, McKayla Nicole, born October 17, to Jamie and David Ibbetson of Washingtonville.

Lorenzo, a Girl, Isabella Elena, born October 17, to Jessica Betancourt and Danny Lorenzo of New Windsor.

Mann, a Girl, Savanna Lynn, born October 18, to Deanna Robinson and John Mann Jr. of Highland Falls.

O’Brien, a Boy, Ethan Michael, born October 18, to Erin and Levi O’Brien of Cornwall-on-Hudson.

Pabon, a Boy, Anthony Ramon, born October 18, to Nikki and Umberto Pabon of Cornwall.

Servellon, a Girl, Izabella Michelle, born October 18, to Micaela Sonabria and Emerson Servellon of Newburgh.

Holder, a Girl, Behanna Dona, born October 19, to Doyna and Hilton Holder of New Windsor.

Vargas, a Boy, Javier Edgardo, born October 19, to Merlyn Melia and Wilfredo Vargas of Newburgh.

Montanez, a Boy, Jah’Seam David, born October 20, to Iesa Rivera and Jose Montanez of Newburgh.

Bass, a Girl, Calah S’nay, born October 21, to Cleo and Tariq Bass of Newburgh.

Miller, a Boy, Brandon Matthew, born October 21, to Rachel and Jesse Miller of Wallkill.

Camacho, a Girl, Ariana Anne, born October 22, to Jessica Cruz and Alberto Camacho of Plattekill.

Cuellar, a Boy, Sebastian Jose, born October 22, to Maryluz Arenas and Ignacio Cuellar of Beacon.

Mancuso, a Girl, Summer Lynne, born October 22, to Jennifer Tomaine and Charles Mancuso of Monroe.

Patrick, a Boy, Jahmai Michael, born October 22, to Kisha Jacobs and Willie Patrick II of Newburgh.

Rosas Lopez, a Girl, Angelique, born October 22, to Blanca Lopez and Jose Rosas of Walden.

Burks, a Boy, Ja’mear Anthony, born October 24, to Shareeka Burks of Newburgh.

Marrero, a Girl, Isabella Victoria, born October 24, to Lissette Vera and Victor Marrero of Monroe.

Venable, a Boy, Zayden David, born October 24, to Tera Coddington and David Venable of Newburgh.

Corcoran, a Boy, Maddox Patrick, born October 25, to Heather Maguire and Sean Corcoran of Newburgh.

Willkomm, a Girl, Isabella Rose, born October 25, to Rosemary and Shannon Willkomm of Cornwall-on-Hudson.

Gray, a Boy, Bryce Idris, born October 26, to Ericia and Bryan Gray of Middletown.

Alvarez, a Boy, Brandon Antonio, born October 29, to Deanna and Abner Alvarez, Jr. of Cornwall.

Candela, a Boy, Ethan Westcott, born October 29, to Heather and Russell Candela of New Windsor.

Laux, a Girl, Madelyn Marie, born October 29, to Melissa and Brian Laux of Montgomery.

Posadas Guzman, a Boy, Joseph Javier, born October 29, to Iris Guzman and Joseph Posadas of Newburgh.

, a Girl, Tatiana Teresa, born October 30, to Daisy Galarza of Beacon.

Mejia, a Girl, Jackelyn, born October 31, to Alma Fuentes and Ramon Mejia of Newburgh

Pineda, a Girl, Emely Dallanaya, born October 31, to Blanca Murillo and Juan Pineda of Newburgh.

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