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December 9th, 2008

EPA's Proposal To Tax Livestock Gas And Flatulence

James Tedisco
Assemblymen Tedisco and Crouch call on EPA to shelve proposal that would tax livestock emissions and hurt New York's family farmers

Assembly Republican Leader Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Schenectady-Saratoga) and Ranking Member on the Assembly Agriculture Committee Assemblyman Cliff Crouch (R-Guilford) today called for the Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) to halt any consideration of a proposal that would impose a tax on "livestock emissions," thus adding another burden on New York's already beleaguered family farmers.

A recent Associated Press news article reported that, in the wake of a 2007 United States Supreme Court ruling that livestock gaseous emissions may contribute to global climate change and thus constitute a form of airborne pollution, the EPA is exploring the possibility of assessing a tax on certain farmers and ranchers.

The proposal, still in its preliminary stages, would impose a tax on farms or ranches having over 200 hogs, 50 cattle or 25 dairy cows, requiring them to pay a yearly charge of approximately $20 for each hog, $87.50 per head of cattle and $175 per dairy cow.  The tax is applicable to farms whose livestock operations produce over 100 tons of carbon emissions annually and are subject to the Clean Air Act.

"At the same time our state endures an economic recession, the EPA thinks it's wise to impose a new tax on family farms and agri-businesses?  If ever there was need for a crystal clear example of a federal agency completely out-of-touch with reality, the EPA just filled that bill," Tedisco stated.

"This proposal from the EPA would only add to the financial challenges facing family farmers and New York's agri-businesses.  Why the EPA would seek to impose new taxes - while Upstate farmers are struggling in one of the worst economies in recent years - is simply beyond me.  New York's Congressional delegation should ensure this ludicrous plan goes nowhere fast," Tedisco said.

"Family farms are the backbone of New York's economy - they simply cannot afford this latest harebrained scheme from the EPA in light of a fiscal downturn gripping our state and our nation.  Do livestock gaseous emissions really constitute a federal priority?" Crouch asked.

"The EPA's proposal to assess these new taxes is completely outrageous and should be rejected by Congress.  Maybe the EPA doesn't have enough to do if they have time to waste on this sort of nonsense that only adds to the burden of family farmers.  Congress needs to exercise its administrative oversight and get the EPA off the backs of family farmers," Crouch stated.

Both Tedisco and Crouch have been named to the New York Farm Bureau's "Circle of Friends" for their continued advocacy on behalf of New York's family farms and support for agri-business.
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Reader Response
  • Paul Studdard
  • January 30th, 2009 Every red blooded American must fight this with every last ounce of strength and every last drop of blood.

    This is just an attempt to take your farm. It will in no way reduce gas emissions. Outside of shooting Bessie or Wilbur how does the EPA propose that any tax will do anything.

    These people have no shame. I suggest that they starve themselves to death. That will reduce gas emissions a little bit.

    Why must we endure these simpletons who hate America so much. One day the American farmer will be pushed too far. I wouldn't blame them one bit for refusing to farm anymore.

    Perhaps it is time for the scarecrow to ride again.

    Reader Response
  • Linda Kirkpatrick
  • January 5th, 2009 I think this is being carried too far. Before long they'll be no cattle in the US. Tell the public they can't have beef becasue ranchers can't keep going in the hole. Oh yea I guess you can import and make us more dependent and vulnorable to chemical warfare. THis is just so... rediculious,.

    Reader Response
  • Dan Shirey
  • December 10th, 2008 God help us if our country leaders do not get a grip on reality! The leaders of the US sure seem not to understand they work for the citizens! We should all praise our farmers for pitty sake! They feed our nation and that is not easy work!! It's time for American citizens to stand up and be heard. We want our free and productive country back! This is the tone I hear everywhere I go.
    Dan in Pa.

    Reader Response
  • T Wittman
  • December 10th, 2008 You really have to be kidding!?!? The next thing they'll tax for gas will be any Frat House with over 20 guys because of all the farting they do after a night of heavy partying! This eco-freaks need to lighten up and we are all going to have to deal with this fake climate change BS for at least the next four years. God help us. Oh, sorry, we're not allowed to invoke God anymore.

    Reader Response
  • Robert Aiello
  • December 10th, 2008 Stupid is the only word that comes to mind when I read what the EPA is thinking of doing to the poor farmers. Firstly, how is this tax going to reduce emissions? Are the farmers really going to raise less animals? Of course not, because the demand for beef will not drop.
    Secondly, if they must tax something, why not the users of the end product, not the raisers of the product. Tax the milk and the beef, not the farmers. Think EPA, think.

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