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October 30th, 2013

Zaquez-Doles running for supreme court spot

Maria Zaquez-Doles

When asked how he felt about a gun carrying Hispanic Supreme Court Judge, Maurice Kavanaugh from Westchester writes, "I love it!". Kavanaugh, a father of two supports legal gun ownership, the 2nd Amendment and supports the tighter restrictions on unlawful firearm sales.

37-year-old Hispanic business owner Dominica O’Neill, a licensed firearm owner, says, " I am enthusiastic and excited to see the first Latino woman elected to the position of Supreme Court Judge for the 9th Judicial District". "Woman like Maria Vazquez-Doles and Sonya Sotomayor are inspirations for woman everywhere". When asked if she will vote for a woman who supports the 2nd Amendment, Ms. Oneill says "Absolutely!"

Questions and answers from the Westchester Guardian:

Q: Latinos and African Americans make up well over 30% of the population in New York State. However, they make up less than 2% of the elected judiciary in New York State. What is your opinion and why?

A: The problem is not getting Latinos elected; the problem is getting them on the ballot. New Yorkers are informed voters. They want candidates they can relate to. Diversity is the norm in New York, but not always in judicial elections. If elected, I would be the first Latino Supreme Court Judge ever elected in Orange County and one of the few Latino or African-Americans ever elected in the 9th Judicial District. Experience and knowledge of the law is crucial, but a judge’s understanding of people, their backgrounds, and culture are essential features in explaining how the law may affect them. Just look at the United States Supreme Court; it stands as proof that America’s greatest strength is the diversity of her people.

Q: You are a mother of triplets, an attorney, judge, sportswoman, and conservationists. How do you handle it all?

A: I grew with the belief that God does not give you what you cannot handle. My parents struggled to raise 7 children. My father was a factory worker and my mother a school safety officer. They sacrificed so their children could realize the American dream. Hard work, honesty, and a firm grasp of right and wrong are what I inherited from them. That is how I handle it.

My triplets were born premature at 27 weeks, and less than 3 lbs. each. It has been challenging both emotionally and financially. Faith is a powerful tool. It overcomes every hardship. Each step we take puts us that much closer in bringing meaning and purpose in our own lives and prepares us to better understand each other. I know the law... I also understand the people who come before me on the bench. American justice is not only about the law; it recognizes the dignity and rights of the people who appear before her.

Q: What inspired you to become a judge?

A: I must confess it is the American judicial system, which inspires me. Our system of justice serves as a model for the rest of the free world. We are the only country with a constitution of such strength and clarity that it has endured for more than 200 years. We are bound by the Constitution, yet it provides us with the ability to address issues in an ever-changing world.

I pass out a copy of The Constitution and Bill of Rights to everyone I meet while campaigning. For all, it is a powerful reminder just how lucky we are to live in a country where liberty and justice applies to both rich and poor alike.

Q: What would you like to tell the voter about yourself and why they should support you in this years election?

A: All the candidates running for the 9th Judicial Supreme Court District have extraordinary credentials. I will bring to the Supreme Court a new perspective which I hope will contribute to the administration of justice.

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