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October 30th, 2013

Holmes on plans for the City of Newburgh

Cindy Holmes

A statement from Cindy M. Holmes:

I will be a visual representative. I share the same values as all citizens and I will be vocal and visual. I will be accessible to all the residents in the City of Newburgh. I have many commonalities with all the citizens. I have a 2 children and a granddaughter who I, as others, want to live in a safe city. A city that has jobs for their residents with salaries that can pay for the current cost of living. We want property taxes decreased or stabilized, like you, I rented for many years, but now I am a homeowner paying extremely high property taxes, also. I will be a voice for the people in the city. I will stand up and voice the values and concerns that we share. The city needs to keep their financial house in order. We need basic services (police, fire, water, and sewage) without bankrupting every individual here.

People have sat in office for four years and let our city get into deep financial debt while funds were being mismanaged by a city manager they took part in hiring. We are starting to get a better financial grip on our city. I will bring new and innovative plans to be implemented to make our city safe, create jobs, and decrease or stabilize property taxes. I will communicate, share, and remain in contact with residents to build Newburgh strong again, make it a better place for the citizens, and attract tourism and new businesses.

Vote for me! I will work hard for you. You can contact me with any questions or concerns at or

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