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September 25th, 2013

Donnery denounces St. Luke’s bailout plan

Orange County Legislator Roxanne Donnery

Legislator Roxanne Donnery denounced Stephen Neuhaus’ position that St. Luke’s is in need of a state taxpayer-funded bailout. She also pointed out Neuhaus’ close connection with St. Luke’s CEO Allan Atzrott in this year’s campaign for County Executive.

"Neuhaus is playing politics again," Donnery said. "When he sees a bandwagon start to leave without him, he is quick to jump on it at the last second. Instead of defending St. Luke’s Hospital and calling on the state to bail them out for their financial irresponsibility, Neuhaus should be pointing the blame at the hospital’s leadership."

"Is it any wonder that Neuhaus won’t criticize St. Luke’s executives when he has taken large contributions from their CEO, Allan Atzrott," Donnery continued.

Donnery also pointed out that Atzrott hosted a fundraiser for Neuhaus earlier this year, raising thousands of dollars in the process.

"No more bandwagon jumping. No more separate rules for big campaign contributors. Let’s elect someone who will provide real leadership this November," Donnery concluded.

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