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June 3rd, 2009

Trio to perform on America's Got Talent

Nadia, Michael II, and Avery of “Voices of Glory” are expected to appear on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” in June.

By Chuck Stewart, Jr.

New Windsor - The Cole family is like many other American families. A husband and wife, Michael and Felicia, who live in a suburban neighborhood, where they raise three young children: Michael II, Avery and Nadia.

Three years ago, their seemingly ordinary lives would change. Felicia was hit by a drunk driver, an accident that left her in a coma and hospitalized for eight months. It was during this time that Michael Sr. encouraged the three children to sing for their mom. They sung "songs of Zion" which uplifted her spirit. Today she attributes her recovery, in part, to her children’s magnificent singing - The other part is attributed to God.

The Cole children continued singing for others in nursing homes and hospitals in the Hudson Valley in an effort to uplift people’s spirit. They were soon dubbed "The Voices of Glory." Under the vocal tutelage of Consuelo Hill, the trio has expanded their vocal prowess and put choreography in place to compliment Hill’s three part harmony compositions designed specifically for "The Voices of Glory."

As a result, they have been called upon by City of Newburgh Mayor Nicholas Valentine to perform at his inaugural ceremony, the Black Music Caucus National Gospel Competition and Columbia University, to name a few.

Last Thursday, the group held a dinner concert at Anthony’s Pier 9. Invited special musical guests opened the concert, but the main attraction was the new Gospel sensation, "The Voices of Glory," who performed 16 songs. Michael Cole, Sr. said the proceeds will go towards the groups first CD, set to be released in the fall of 2009 on Stile Records.

However, the big news of the night was the announcement that "The Voices of Glory" would be appearing on television. The date - June 23rd. Not only is June 23rd Michael II’s birthday, it will also be "The Voices of Glory" national television debut. The trio will be appearing on NBC’s summer reality competition series "America’s Got Talent."

While the group is unable to talk about the show, the NBC commercials feature the group. Judge Sharon Osbourne calls them an "amazing family," and Judge Piers Morgan proclaims them the "pride of America."

City of Newburgh Mayor Nicholas Valentine, one of the groups biggest fans, said, "This is just a great evening. You can feel the energy in this room." Valentine proclaimed, "they’re going all the way from this point forward!"

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Reader Response
  • lois hines
  • June 28th, 2009 I dont usally watch americas got talent,but last tuesday i was searching channels and saw these kids,they were great! i recorded thier performance and show it to my husband. we cant wait for a cd to come out and would loved to see them in concert, singing gospel music.

    Reader Response
  • Maggie
  • June 24th, 2009 God bless them. I just saw the show air and it brought me to tears. Sending so many blessings and healing to the family and the kids' mother. I too was hit head-on by a drunk driver, and was in a coma. Not an eight-month coma, but seeing Felicia on TV was moving. I saw a lot of myself in her. Many memories. God bless you.

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