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October 3rd, 2012

Voices of Glory return to the Hudson Valley

Avery, Michael and Nadia Cole, collectively known as Voices of Glory, performed a special concert at the Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY on Saturday night, September 29, 2012.
POUGHKEEPSIE - It’s been three years since Voices of Glory took the national stage, capturing hearts of all ages with their inspirational, melodic renditions. On Saturday, they returned home to the Hudson Valley to once again deliver the goods.

The vocalist trio, Michael Jr. II, Avery and Nadia, are now all grown up, at 20, 16 and 12, but one thing has not changed: their ability to move an audience with music. It’s that impressive talent that earned them 5th place overall and 2nd among musical groups on the blockbuster television reality show “America’s Got Talent” back in the summer of 2009. Bolstering themselves ahead of 100,000 other acts, Voices of Glory, formerly of Highland, has been working at a non-stop, but very gratifying pace ever since. Soon after the show, the children, along with their parents, Michael Jr. and Felicia, relocated to Branson, Missouri, a land chock-full of entertainment avenues. Presently hosting their own show, “Night Light Beacon of Branson,” twice a week, the group has also opened up for the 2010 GMA Awards, were awarded the Youth in Music Award at the ICM Awards as well as presented an award for Duo of the Year, sang in Madison Square Garden, and have done 14 shows in Germany, an international site they are expected to return to next year.

“The blessing is not about the places we have gone to, but rather the people we have been able to sing to,” said Michael Jr. II.

Another of those special spots was added on Saturday night. In the midst of a fall tour, the trio wrapped up their September schedule with a special “homecoming” concert on Saturday night at Poughkeepsie’s Faith Assembly of God. A packed house of close to 1,000 guests welcomed home the Ulster County natives as they intently tuned in to two hours of  gospel, inspirational, and modern music as well as entertainment. Clapping, swaying, dancing, and at times, even crying, filled the room of community and hope.

The evening, which consisted of 18 songs accompanied by five local band members (many of whom the Coles have known for years), was split into two halves. During hour one, the group donned casual wear, while providing such favorites as Elton Johns’ “I Believe” as well as a song dedicated to their mother, the inspiration for all that they do. Back in 2005 Felicia fell into a coma for eight months after being the victim of a drunk driver. It was her children’s voices that incited her path to recovery, and continue to do so today.

“God blessed us with a ministry and a miracle,” Michael Cole Jr. II told the audience about his family’s journey.

After intermission, the group changed into formal wear. Each provided solos: Michael an old school love song (“My Girl”), Avery a modern love ballad (“Hey There Delilah”), and Nadia a number done all in Spanish. Each rendition was met with huge applause and appreciation from the audience and the other singers.

“We really wanted to have a concert in the Hudson Valley in September,” said Nadia. “It is a sort of coming home celebration that means a great deal to all of us.”
It’s the music, along with the mission of spreading hope and love, that means so much to Voices of Glory. Because of this calling, Nadia and Avery are being home schooled this year. Michael Jr. II is set to soon embark on his collegiate career, studying music online.

“I love school and learning, but will do anything for the sacrifice of doing music,” said Nadia.

Nadia and her siblings will have plenty of opportunities to continue making that music. In addition to their regular show appearances as well as concerts scheduled across the country, Voices of Glory will be appearing on the Andy Williams Show in Branson. Asked to do the show by Williams prior to his death, the group was extremely touched by the exclusive honor. Next year they will also be taking to the waters, as they set to board a cruise ship, where they will be both hosting and singing at a large venue attended by hundreds headed to the Bahamas.

Recently becoming an official non-profit entity, the group is managed by their uncle, Gerard Cole. Formerly in the hip hop business, Cole could not be more excited and proud to be working with his nephews and niece.

“We are letting God lead us,” said Gerard Cole. “Having had performed in Germany and going back there again, we are really going global; we truly want to send the message of hope and inspiration, while sending missionaries out in the world to help out those in need.”
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