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February 17th, 2011

Cory Byrd Indicted in Marc Anthony Bookal Case

Goshen – Cory Byrd has been indicted on multiple charges in the death and murder of four-year- old Marc Anthony Bookal.

Bookal was reported missing from his Benkard Avenue home in the City of Newburgh on December 14, 2009. According to Cory Byrd, the live in boyfriend of Marc Anthony's mother Christine, Marc Anthony wandered off from his house to allegedly visit a neighbor.

Last March, a body believed to be that of Marc Anthony was found in a wooded lot in a bag. The decomposed body was later identified as that of Marc Anthony Bookal.

Orange County District Attorney Frank Phillips said that an autopsy performed on Marc Anthony determined the cause of death to be the result of blunt force trauma and numerous injuries to his body and head.

Byrd had been taken into custody, after initial police questioning, and held for parole violation. He is currently being held in a state prison pending the trial of these charges:

       Intentional Murder in the 2nd Degree
       Depraved Indifference Murder in the 2nd Degree
       Manslaughter in the 1st Degree
       Manslaughter in the 2nd Degree
       Two Counts of Tampering with Physical Evidence

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Reader Response
  • Loreta dubaldi
  • February 18th, 2011 This animal should burn in hell-for what he did to that poor child. It is more than apparent from day one he murdered that child. And to shove him in a bookbag. My God-what is wrong with society today! They allow anyone to be a parent or guardian. He was in jail before, why didn't they let him rot there. And the so called mother of the boy for taking him back after he'd allready hurt the 15 month old child she had years ago. Instead of putting these animals in jail-and having them live life sentences there, eating up all our taxes to keep them there. They should all be hung-just like they did in medievil times for far less crimes than murder.

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