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December 16th, 2009

Destruction of a Vain Woman autobiography

A new book by Adolphus Ethienne asks readers: What’s love got to do with it? -The true story of how one man followed the rules of love and discovered something he didn’t expect.

With the divorce rate over 50 percent, people choosing to remain single and the decline of strong relationships, if you think that following the rules of relationship building and love would yield positive results – guess again. Adolphus Ethienne’s real life experience with the ‘woman of his dreams’ turned into the kind of a nightmare fit for the silver screen.

In his new autobiography, Destruction of a Vain Woman, Ethienne shares the story of a real estate developer with wealth and prestige who falls into a trap when swept away by a beautiful woman. On the outside, his new love interest has it all – beauty, charming personality, spontaneity, and sexual appeal. Underneath it all though, Ethienne soon discovered the ugly truth about his lover – the devil really does wear Prada.

Taking place on the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada, Ethienne’s story chronicles his actual account meeting a woman by the name of Kellyanne Bu who turns out to be less than who she pretended to be. Ethienne’s desire for love, led him to trust and give to his new partner all that he believed she was missing, including the respect and honor she didn’t get from other men.

He followed the rules of love – sharing, prioritizing, committing, communicating, and supporting his woman. Ethienne gave to her only to realize that she was never satisfied nor had the capacity to give in return to him what he expected – respect and loyalty. He received neither, but in return was left heartbroken, taken for money and embarrassed.

"Through my own experience," Ethienne says, "I began to examine what draws us to certain people as potential lovers. I saw that some people have an intense love connection that others can’t save themselves from and struggle with and others are attracted to certain partners knowing they don’t have that intense connection with. My own heartache and shame in falling for a woman like Kellyanne got me to thinking about how much we base love’s connection on looks, knowledge, speech, materials, and the right circumstances."

Destruction of a Vain Woman

offers a practical approach for choosing a potential mate. Rather then putting so much emphasis on the superficial things we desire, Ethienne points out that those must be attained and fulfilled by you first rather than expecting someone else to fulfill them.

"Even with money, patience, environment, love and belief in the human spirit, those are not enough to preclude change. Essentially a person will only change if it’s either to their advantage or they genuinely want to change. Love and money alone are insufficient. That change has to begin with you first before you can ask it of someone else," adds Ethienne.

Destruction of a Vain Woman

is a compelling look and life-changing lesson on what goes wrong when we think as long as you have love, all else will be fine. Ethienne feels so strongly about getting his message out that he will donate $2.00 to the United Nations Care Fund and Grenada Child Welfare Authority for every book sold.

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Reader Response
  • genesis
  • March 17th, 2010 why did you have to degrade all women by the mistake of one imperfect individual.To a certain extent i blame you,but then again she degraded herself,one night an she was untop your hairy chrst god that disguss me so much.i want to support you you deeply but i will be a disgrace to the women race ..... I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN YOUR SELLING.

    Reader Response
  • niknik
  • March 5th, 2010 All i had to do was read the first 2 pages and I knew exactly who your prey was. Your description could not have been more accurate; even with the 'half-surname'.
    I blame you to a certain extent, in which world would you get a 'good thing' that easily?? should have seen that she was too easy; she must have had a motive. I met her at college and the first time (and everytime after) i saw her all i saw was sex.
    I feel bad for you....hope that you don't give up on finding love. All the best on the book AND love. Wish I can honestly say that I'd support by buying the novel but buying isn't necessary as i can see live so next one you've got my sale!

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