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October 24th, 2012

Delta Rae opens up for the First Lady in Chapel Hill, NC

First Lady Michelle Obama (third from left) stands with members of Delta Rae. The Durham, North Carolina based band played before the First Lady spoke at UNC Chapel Hill during a recent visit.
CHAPEL HILL, NC - Durham, North Carolina based Delta Rae opened for First Lady Michelle Obama at Carmichael Arena at UNC Chapel Hill. The band’s performance preceded the First Lady taking the podium to encourage college students and other supporters to vote, as early voting began in North Carolina. “There are currently so many issues being discussed and decisions being made in Washington that are going to drastically affect our generation” says Eric Hölljes of Delta Rae. “I truly hope, as young people, we stand up in this election and let our collective voice be heard.”

Delta Rae has been very involved with the Obama campaign in their home state. They were set to perform at the DNC in Charlotte alongside James Taylor, but the show washed out at the last minute due to a venue change due to rain.

Several years ago, California voters passed Prop 8, which effectively banned gay marriage in the state. In response, Delta Rae’s Ian Hölljes wrote the song “Chain on Love,” protesting what he believed Prop 8 to be - a severely unjust law that directly discriminated against the LGBT community and, by doing so, infringed on the rights of all Americans.   In May, North Carolina voters faced a similar choice with Amendment One. Delta Rae fervently supports marriage equality and, more generally, the equal rights of the entire LGBT community.

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