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April 30th, 2014

NFA Crew Takes First Place Against Kingston

The Newburgh Free Academy Girls 4+ with Tess Stepakoff at stroke. Photo: Zeeba Pavri

KINGSTON - Last Friday the NFA Crew Team traveled to Kingston where they beat the Tigers at home, with a score of Boys Crew 3-0 and Girls Crew 2-1.

"We were very happy to win so many races up in Kingston," said NFA Crew Head Coach, Ed Kennedy. "One of the main reasons we were able to do so is that our boys’ team had quite a few rowers training in the off season with the Newburgh Rowing Club. We were able to win the powerhouse Boys 8+ race with only one returning rower from last season, Michael DeCapua. However, 6 of the 7 other rowers in the boat spent the off season training with the Newburgh Rowing Club, which makes all the difference."

"Also impressive is the fact that, in that Boys 8+, three of our rowers are novices, that is Aydan McCoy, Cameron Cobey, and Steve Williamson. The other four rowers are only in their second season but are seasoned rowers at this point: NFA Co-Captain Mike Sarvis, Nick Danza, Kevin St. Clair, and Nick Merced. Also returning is their outstanding coxsain, Davonte Davis. This can only mean that they are exceptional athletes who worked very hard in the off season."

"Meanwhile, the boys light eight boat had NFA Co-Captain John Kennedy, Jake Dennis, and Bo Kuhn, all returning from last year, along with newcomer Renato Meza and coxswain Joe Roy. The lightweight boys crew came on strong to defeat the Tigers’ medal winning crew from last season."

"Finally, the Boys 4+ comprised of Ed Gallo, Brandon Padavano, and newcomers Matt Hassett and Ameer Roberts, guided by coxswain Christian Franqui, edged out the Kingston 4-man crew for the victory."

"In the girls races, the NFA Girls 8+ finished second to the powerful Kingston girls 8-man shell. However, the NFA Girls Team quickly turned it around with the 4+ team of Maddy Dill, Stef Sciolaro, Paige Cosgrove and Taylor Cosgrove, with Kierstin Fox at coxswain. Newburgh also won the Girls Lightweight 4+ race with Tess Stepakoff, Liz Fisher, Kayla Arriaga, Arta Kalici, and Kennedy Barber-Fraser at coxswain.

"In fact," said Coach Kennedy, "I didn’t know we won so many races until we were off the water because many of them were very close. It was a very exciting meet all around and I could not be more proud of the NFA team."

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