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October 29th, 2008

Youngest CEO to ever ring the NASDAQ bell

Leanna Archer

At 13 years old Leanna Archer is the youngest CEO to ever ring the opening Bell at the NASDAQ on October 16, 2008. Her company, Leanna’s Hair Inc.,, was named’s youngest 30 under 30 2008 Entrepreneur. Leanna developed and runs her own natural hair care products company, which she founded at age 9 in New York.

Leanna began her company using a family formula for hair repair selling to her fellow students. The buzz spread and soon orders were coming from stores and online across the USA. Leanna has found the time to develop new products all the while being an honor student in middle school and delivering motivational speeches to parents in communication skills and teens to live their dream and go into business for themselves. As CEO of Leanna’s Inc. she invented a line of five green hair care products whose profits she is planning to use for tuition to Harvard University.

Each year, the online arm of Inc. Magazine, ranks the 30 coolest young entrepreneurs under 30. "It seems that even despite current economic downturn, a growing number of tweens, teenagers, and 20-somethings want to be their own boss. A survey conducted last year by the Kaufman Foundation showed that four out of 10 young people said they wanted to start their own business, "Rod Kurtz, senior editor of

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Reader Response
  • The Gluck Family
  • July 26th, 2009 WHAT A WONDERFUL YOUNG WOMAN AND HER FAMILY IS SUPER !! We just met them today and I can tell- they are incredible. No wonder the young woman is such a success !!


    Reader Response
  • Juliette Dupri
  • February 7th, 2009 I checked and found that the Stocks went up the day Leanna Archer rang the Bell, now I ask
    Why is she not working with OBAMA to fix up the economy?

    Does OBAMA even know Leanna Archer exist?


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