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March 13th, 2013

Tri-Tech LEDs System debuts at solar show

POUGHKEEPSIE - The Hudson Valley’s newest entrance in the highly competitive LEDs lights field debuted at TSEC’s New York State Solid State Lighting & Controls Conference this week in Newburgh, NY. Tri-Tech LEDs System is gaining national recognition in the electronic manufacturing field with its growing selection of LEDs ( Light Emitting Diodes). The company’s distributor, Carmel Winwater Works Company of Carmel, NY, showcased its high performance products at the Newburgh Armory Unity Center in Newburgh on March 8th.

"We’ve looked into various LEDs for our infrastructure service operations, and Tri-Tech by far out performs the competition," President of Carmel Winwater Works Company, Ray Buzzetto said.

Tri-Tech LED Systems was developed by founder, Scott Graham, for Womack Army Medical Center. The Center serves the Army’s largest beneficiary population and is the first medical stop in America for many returning Wounded Warriors.

Before founding Tri-Tech, Scott was a Department of Defense (DOD) consultant. One of his assignments was to solve one of the DOD’s most troubling electrical problems, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). This distortion, audible by its faint buzz, forces "static" backwards into electrical wiring, panel boards and other equipment. This damages equipment, impedes the flow of electrical current and is costly. For example, a standard "32 watt" fluorescent bulb actually requires 36-38 watts to push past THD to the ballast and bulb in a light fixture.

Scott, a perpetual problem solver, led the development in the patent pending THD Solution. This innovation is incorporated into Tri-Tech’s advanced, UL approved, LED lighting system. Manufactured in the America, this system uses 65% less energy and lasts nearly twice as long as comparable florescent T8 bulbs made elsewhere. Quickly and easily installed, Tri-Tech’s shatter proof LED tubes significantly lower replacement and repair costs. Guaranteed for five year, the Tri-Tech System is a cost-effective retrofit for existing linear lighting fixtures without jeopardizing the UL designation.

Just as the incandescent bulb fades into history, so too will the florescent bulb. Widening acceptance of LEDs will hasten that day. Furthermore, it is likely that state and local governments will enact increasingly severe laws to restrict the disposal of florescent bulbs and the mercury they contain. This includes CFL’s, Compact Florescent Lights.

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